Ray is an accomplished self-taught musician on both drums and guitar. He has played every genre of music you can imagine. Early in his career he played in several soul/rhythm & blues bands in Newark, NJ.  He continued to entertain playing in rock bands on the Jersey shore, while studying musical theater and dance movement. 

He later moved to Atlanta, GA were he continued his musical journey. He worked in musical theater as well as playing the local club scene with Jim n’ I, Mister, The Urge, David Dancing as well as several house bands in the Atlanta area club scene. He played with David Dancing his first Christian rock band and fell in love with the music. It became a much needed outlet for Ray and led him to many opportunities that blessed his life.  They played in the Atlanta area. They had the pleasure to meet many of the current successful Christian musicians and bands.  

Relocating to Minneapolis, MN in 1997, he played in a classic rock band named the Cosmonuts. For two years, Ray had the pleasure of playing music with some of finest musicians in the area. It was a lot fun and surely helped him get over the long winter days and nights.
Ray and his family moving to Duncan, SC had more to do with spiritual growth than career growth.  During the time he spent in the Greenville/Spartanburg area he rediscovered his faith. Working with a couple of Christian bands and leading worship at a local church was just what he needed.  After some serious health issues, he spent most of his time helping out a church youth band that helped him gain back the skills and musicianship he thought was lost. He continued working with the church until it was time to move on, again.

Life’s next journey led him to Hartford CT. While living there he led a couple of top 40 bands as well as being blessed to lead worship and play in local churches. Salvation Road a Christian rock band became very well established.  While they played Saturday and Sunday worship services at their own church, the band was invited to play and lead worship at many different venues including other churches, concerts and private parties in the Connecticut area. 

Lounge Act was the rock band that changed how Ray would assemble, promote and market his next band. Lounge Act was an 80’s/90’s alternative rock band.  The band was not his usual genre but it was fun. He also paid attention to the demographics of the people that would come out to watch and listen to the band. It was interesting to play at clubs that looked like they were stuck in time.  The same people, chants and request was like living in the 80’s. 

During the Lounge Act days Ray was feeling that he needed to fill another need that could reach charitable interest. He would have to find the musicians with a heart for playing music for charity. He was then asked if he would help put together a fundraising rock band for his company’s United Way project. Here he had an opportunity to put together musicians to help collect money through a battle of the bands competition.  First year band Sound Bytes included eighteen band members. The very next year Awad of Sound was trimmed down to thirteen band members.

Ray’s next project was put in motion. His vast experience with leadership, organizational, marketing skills, event planning and volunteering for charity had him putting together a 13 piece band that would relate to all age groups and musical genres. He had already discussed with the original band members the possibility of keeping the band together to help charities raise money.  The three vocalist, two guitarist, three horn players, pedal steel guitarist, keyboard, bass, percussionist, and drummer were on board. At the time, Pam, Ray’s wife was running marathons at the time for Hole in the Wall Gang Camp.  It was a camp for children with different types of diseases which was founded by Paul Newman. The Sundance Kidz is born.  This was perfect, the band began with its first fundraiser at a local club in Hartford, CT. It was a great success and included the band being invited to perform at other events.  During the rest of time in Connecticut, the Sundance Kidz was asked to play at events that the organization was putting on, including the Annual Fairfield Marathon, Challenge Ride at the Camp, Fandango Gala, and more.  The Sundance Kidz last concert was August 2013 at Fellowship Church, Middletown, CT.  Please check out our photos and videos on our Media page.

Former Sundance Kidz members have gone off to form other successful bands.   Highway 70 a country band has continued their support for Hole in the Wall Gang Camp as well as other charities.Cake For Breakfast another band that you should check out as former band members of Sundance Kidz bring their original tunes.  

In 2013, Ray was laid off from his job in Connecticut. The Robbins family relocated back home to Grayson, GA. He began a consultant business that serviced older and less experienced computer users and a few jobs that included working with enhancing software and processes.  Time caught up with him and had a heart attack that required three surgeries.  A year after that Pam was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She has currently beat the disease but has some side effects.  Her great attitude continues to uplift and inspire our family to better days. 

He continues to support his wife Pam, daughter Alexandra and son Conor as they continue to make it a family affair for Hole in the Wall Gang Camp.

Raymond Robbins (Ray)

 Program Manager / Product Manager / IT Leader / Musician

2433 Rosebud Road, Grayson, GA 30017

ray@raymondrobbins.com       (860) 324-2741

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